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What are frozen fruits?

Frozen fruit uses Frozen fruits are always sought for fresh fruit consumption in their short summer season,Such as berries, melons and other fruit containing seeds.

Especially when it comes to making sweets, which
It can also be prepared from frozen fruit. There are some cases where it is better to use frozen fruit instead of fresh, and we will give 3 cases to replace fresh frozen.

1. When the fresh fruit is immature or in season Before you start preparing the baked goods, consider the fruit you are using in the recipe, what is available and the quality of the fruit.
For example, when you want to prepare a peach pie in August, you will be directed to choose fresh, ripe, and scented peaches from the vegetable store. If you want to prepare the same pie at a time outside the season of peaches, or when there is a fruit is not
Mature, it is best to use frozen peaches with freezer.

Especially that the frozen peach comes in a sliced ​​and sliced ​​and is more sweet and juicy when dissolved.

2. When thinking about the cost, it is true that fresh fruits such as strawberries and strawberries are in their summer season fresh and large and have more flavor than
Other times, but in return are more expensive.
So when planning to prepare a sweet strawberry or strawberry or pie.

You need to consider that it needs several kinds of fruit and it will be expensive. So you can leave the fresh fruit to enjoy alone in the season and taste the flavors and the use of frozen fruit cheaper price for the manufacture of sweets and baked goods.

3. Save time and effort Frozen fruit gives a truly wonderful comfort to the lady of the house, especially the fruit that contains seeds such as frozen peaches that come from sliced ​​and sliced.

Frozen cherries that come unrated are often divided into halves. Therefore, when the use of frozen fruit in the preparation of baked goods of all kinds will notice the lady of the house how much time, effort and money.


Benefits of Cumin

Benefits of latency to the body

The benefits of cumin to the body .. Cumin is more than just a kind of spices added to the variety of spices. It has a distinct flavor that makes it a favorite

For many, in addition to its wonderful health benefits.

Benefits of Cumin:

This kind of spice has many uses and benefits as a treatment. Its effects were well studied:

1. Source of vitamins

Cumin is a good source of iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals, and contains vitamin A, C, E and B6

In addition to fatty fatty acids.

2. Improve digestion

Some studies have shown that cumin can stimulate the production of pancreatic enzymes and help digestion. It is also good for treating abdominal pain

Gases, and good for anyone who wants to treat the digestive tract.

3. Good for the brain

One study found that cumin protects against the loss of memory and the disruptive effects of stress on the body, stimulating cumin in the nervous system

Which focused studies on its potential benefits in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

4. Rich in antioxidants

Another study evaluated the rich cumin content of antioxidants and found it to be more effective than other common antioxidants

Which includes vitamin C. Some laboratory research has shown that it has a role in fighting cancer.

5. Helps balance blood sugar

A study showed that cumin is effective in increasing insulin sensitivity, making it effective for diabetics. In fact a study is applied on

Diabetic rats were given a cumin extract and were found to be more effective in reducing blood glucose and AGE than

Anti – diabetic glypinclamide glibenclamide.

More research has found that cumin extract lowers cholesterol in general. Triglycerides and symptoms of pancreatitis when

Rats with diabetes. He seemed to stop gaining excess weight.

6. Calms asthma

Research has found that cumin has anti-asthma properties as it acts as a sedative for people with asthma.

7. Boosts immunity

Taking oral doses (25 – 50 – 100-20 mg / kg) over consecutive days improves the immune response of mice
These effects were characterized by a reduction in high cholesterol and the size of the adrenal gland. Increase the weight of the thymus and spleen, regeneration and exhaustion

T lymphocytes depend on the dose response, but all doses have beneficial effects.

8. Keeps cold

Natural cold remedies often contain cumin because of its high ability to accelerate healing. It is a rich source of iron

Vitamin C and both help to cover the disease.
Essential oils in cumin make it useful for the body to resist infection, and to remind some people that cumin calms down

Cough, cough and runny nose by drying excess mucus.
As a quick treatment of cold, ground cumin can be mixed with a little honey.

9. Antiseptic helps in weight loss

Cumin can help in weight loss. In the 2014 study examined the effect of consumption of 3 g (less than a teaspoon)

Of latency daily.

Both test groups followed the same nutrition counseling and reduced the amount of calories to 500 calories

After 3 months it was found that the group that consumed the cumin lost 3 pounds (1 and a half kg) more than the control group

Others that have not been addressed.
The study researched the ability of latency to modify the production of fatty acid in the liver to its beneficial beneficial properties.
In this study, cumin protected rat livers from toxins that come back to eat ethanol and rotten sunflower oil.

10. Beneficial bone

Cumin has anti-osteoporosis effects on rats and no side effects like other competing drugs.
But more research is needed to be considered a completely safe treatment.

What shoes are suitable for wide foot?

Appropriate shoes for wide foot

The shoes are suitable for wide foot .. Many women have large and full feet, mainly because of the shape of their bodies.

Unfortunately, wide-footed women suffer from severe pain in their feet, especially if they have spent a hard day wearing uncomfortable shoes and may end up swelling too.

But not anymore, because if you are a broad footer, here are some of the best tips from Schumart experts that will help you choose the right shoe for your foot shape.

When buying closed shoes, make sure to avoid the shape of the front of the front because it will cause you discomfort during the entire wearing and will give your foot a fuller appearance and bulge.
Open front shoes give you extra comfort especially with a heel width and average height unlike narrow shoes that cause pressure and swelling.
Sandals are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, but full-grown women must carefully choose what suits them. Try sandals with simple straps or one wide band of front and avoid high because it reveals a larger part of your foot as it does not provide the necessary support and comfort.
Sports shoes are the best and most comfortable footwear. They are available in a wide design and a variety of styles that give you ease of wearing and coordinating with your outfit.
Be sure to measure the shoe of any kind and walk in the shop and not stick to the idea that you have a specific measure.
The shoe patterns vary from one sign to another and from design to design.
Check out the type of skin you make from the shoe. You should avoid hard skin or glossy glossy skin as it does not stretch and will not adapt to the curvature of your foot. Instead, choose soft leather that expands in a way that makes you feel comfortable in your feet.
Wide heels are an appropriate choice, providing stability and balance while walking.

What are the uses of olive oil in the house?

What are the uses of olive oil in the house?

1-Uses of olive oil in the house

Use olive oil in the house … Remove the bottle of olive oil from the kitchen and you will discover surprising benefits
Outside use in cooking it is useful for skin – furniture and many more.

2-Cleans the skin of acne:

 The concept of olive oil on the face for the treatment of acne seems naïve suggestion, many people still They say this method works: Make a paste by mixing 4 tablespoons of salt with 3tablespoons Olive oil, knead the mixture by hand and fingers and then paint on the whole face leave for a minute or two and then wash
With warm water and soap, apply it daily for a week, then two or three times a week and you will notice improvement
(In principle, the salt cleans the pores by peeling and the olive oil restores the natural moisture of the skin).

3-Alternative to shaving cream:

If you use shaving cream to not put your time in the soap experience because it will irritate the skin, olive oil is considered in return
An amazing alternative to shaving cream, it is not easy to slip the blade on the face and legs but it also moisturizes the skin well, in fact
After using olive oil as an alternative to shaving creams will be thrown away.

4-Cleans the greasy hands:

To remove grease from the engine or paint from the hands, put 1 teaspoon olive oil with 1 teaspoon salt or sugar In the palm, rub the mixture with hands and between the fingers for a few minutes, then wash with soap and water, will not only clean your hands, but will increase its softness.

5-Removes paint from hair:

Have you hung a lot of paint on your hair as you did on the walls, you can simply remove the unwanted color by wetting a ball

Cotton with olive oil and rub the hair out, apply the same method to remove the mascara, but you should wipe the eye with the tissue before applying.

6-To make furniture shiny:

To restore the glitter of old wooden furniture, use a piece of leather with a home made polisher that is good but better than commercial polishes containing

For chemical substances, mix 2 portions of olive oil with one part of lemon juice in a bottle and stir until well mixed and then sprinkle on the furniture

Leave for a minute or two then wipe with a cloth or paper towels, for speed and for quick results put some drops of

Olive oil on paper towels The surplus can be wiped with a paper towel or cloth.