What are frozen fruits?

Frozen fruit uses Frozen fruits are always sought for fresh fruit consumption in their short summer season,Such as berries, melons and other fruit containing seeds.

Especially when it comes to making sweets, which
It can also be prepared from frozen fruit. There are some cases where it is better to use frozen fruit instead of fresh, and we will give 3 cases to replace fresh frozen.

1. When the fresh fruit is immature or in season Before you start preparing the baked goods, consider the fruit you are using in the recipe, what is available and the quality of the fruit.
For example, when you want to prepare a peach pie in August, you will be directed to choose fresh, ripe, and scented peaches from the vegetable store. If you want to prepare the same pie at a time outside the season of peaches, or when there is a fruit is not
Mature, it is best to use frozen peaches with freezer.

Especially that the frozen peach comes in a sliced ​​and sliced ​​and is more sweet and juicy when dissolved.

2. When thinking about the cost, it is true that fresh fruits such as strawberries and strawberries are in their summer season fresh and large and have more flavor than
Other times, but in return are more expensive.
So when planning to prepare a sweet strawberry or strawberry or pie.

You need to consider that it needs several kinds of fruit and it will be expensive. So you can leave the fresh fruit to enjoy alone in the season and taste the flavors and the use of frozen fruit cheaper price for the manufacture of sweets and baked goods.

3. Save time and effort Frozen fruit gives a truly wonderful comfort to the lady of the house, especially the fruit that contains seeds such as frozen peaches that come from sliced ​​and sliced.

Frozen cherries that come unrated are often divided into halves. Therefore, when the use of frozen fruit in the preparation of baked goods of all kinds will notice the lady of the house how much time, effort and money.


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