Benefits of Cumin

Benefits of latency to the body

The benefits of cumin to the body .. Cumin is more than just a kind of spices added to the variety of spices. It has a distinct flavor that makes it a favorite

For many, in addition to its wonderful health benefits.

Benefits of Cumin:

This kind of spice has many uses and benefits as a treatment. Its effects were well studied:

1. Source of vitamins

Cumin is a good source of iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals, and contains vitamin A, C, E and B6

In addition to fatty fatty acids.

2. Improve digestion

Some studies have shown that cumin can stimulate the production of pancreatic enzymes and help digestion. It is also good for treating abdominal pain

Gases, and good for anyone who wants to treat the digestive tract.

3. Good for the brain

One study found that cumin protects against the loss of memory and the disruptive effects of stress on the body, stimulating cumin in the nervous system

Which focused studies on its potential benefits in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

4. Rich in antioxidants

Another study evaluated the rich cumin content of antioxidants and found it to be more effective than other common antioxidants

Which includes vitamin C. Some laboratory research has shown that it has a role in fighting cancer.

5. Helps balance blood sugar

A study showed that cumin is effective in increasing insulin sensitivity, making it effective for diabetics. In fact a study is applied on

Diabetic rats were given a cumin extract and were found to be more effective in reducing blood glucose and AGE than

Anti – diabetic glypinclamide glibenclamide.

More research has found that cumin extract lowers cholesterol in general. Triglycerides and symptoms of pancreatitis when

Rats with diabetes. He seemed to stop gaining excess weight.

6. Calms asthma

Research has found that cumin has anti-asthma properties as it acts as a sedative for people with asthma.

7. Boosts immunity

Taking oral doses (25 – 50 – 100-20 mg / kg) over consecutive days improves the immune response of mice
These effects were characterized by a reduction in high cholesterol and the size of the adrenal gland. Increase the weight of the thymus and spleen, regeneration and exhaustion

T lymphocytes depend on the dose response, but all doses have beneficial effects.

8. Keeps cold

Natural cold remedies often contain cumin because of its high ability to accelerate healing. It is a rich source of iron

Vitamin C and both help to cover the disease.
Essential oils in cumin make it useful for the body to resist infection, and to remind some people that cumin calms down

Cough, cough and runny nose by drying excess mucus.
As a quick treatment of cold, ground cumin can be mixed with a little honey.

9. Antiseptic helps in weight loss

Cumin can help in weight loss. In the 2014 study examined the effect of consumption of 3 g (less than a teaspoon)

Of latency daily.

Both test groups followed the same nutrition counseling and reduced the amount of calories to 500 calories

After 3 months it was found that the group that consumed the cumin lost 3 pounds (1 and a half kg) more than the control group

Others that have not been addressed.
The study researched the ability of latency to modify the production of fatty acid in the liver to its beneficial beneficial properties.
In this study, cumin protected rat livers from toxins that come back to eat ethanol and rotten sunflower oil.

10. Beneficial bone

Cumin has anti-osteoporosis effects on rats and no side effects like other competing drugs.
But more research is needed to be considered a completely safe treatment.


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